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April To Do List:

  • Start Here: http://www.dawneesdeals.com/start
  • Order Photo Mouse Pads for Father's Day (YorkPhoto.com)
  • Finish your taxes! (turbotax.com)
  • Buy Easter Cards & Candy (hallmark.com)
  • Start Spring Cleaning! (www.flylady.com)
  • Buy Seeds for Your Garden (everwilde.com)
  • March Scrapbook (http://www.dawneesdeals.com/scrapbook)

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Happy Easter!

We have so many things going on right now and I am so excited to begin sharing them with you this coming week.  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

Amazon Barilla Pasta 16 boxes for $9!


Amazon Barilla Pasta 16 boxes for $9! It’s deals like this which make me LOVE Amazon!! My son loves pasta and sometimes, as much as I want him NOT to eat it, it’s the only thing I can get him to eat.  This price makes each box less than $1 each….$.57 a box actually. Now [...]

Can you freeze Cantaloupe?


Yes you can! Thought someone else out there might want to know. I have one left over from the week and I want to use it for a smoothie in the summer. I found this little blurb fro HGTV.com: “To freeze cantaloupe successfully, start with fresh, ripe melons. Look for cantaloupes with solid rinds where [...]

What’s on my desk this week?


On my desk this week is a new pair of the most comfortable Skechers I have ever owned! Seriously, I have been buying Skechers for over 10 years and the last few pairs have seemed to be cut smaller and were not comfortable at all. Enter in these new Go Walk Interval Skechers and I [...]

I Finally QUIT Smoking!


I’m sorry I have been MIA the last week but I promise you it was for a great cause..after 3 tries this year, I am finally smoke free! How did I do it? Let me tell you, it has not been easy – quitting a bad habit never is – but I found a few [...]

Solar Power Labels From Mabel’s Labels!


Recently, I have been looking for an alternative to charge my phone while I am out and about running errands. It is such a hassle to look for a power outlet when you are in a coffee shop or grocery store. The worst is when your phone or camera is flashing red and there is [...]